Tax planning is in of itself, not a crime.

That is, the legitimate reduction of taxes done in a compliant and transparent manner is within a taxpayer’s rights in most countries.

By example, in the United States the simple face is that there are substantial tax benefits within the ambit of the Tax Code and sanctionized by both Congress and the Internal Revenue Service. In this regard, Mid-Ocean, in tandem with expert US tax counsel, can assist a taxpayer in reducing taxes payable to their legal minimum using both standard, “bread and butter” Estate tax planning techniques and income tax planning mechanisms for passive income (re: INSURANCE).

Another area where Mid-Ocean can assist is in the “deconstruction” of what typically turns out to be dated or flawed planning/structures and subsequent re-construction of compliant ones.

Often this is non-compliant, non-effective, or no longer salient tax planning, (mis)using trusts and companies, insurance policies etc., that purport to be compliant (7702 or otherwise) or merely investment strategies gone wrong.

While Mid-Ocean does not dispense legal advice in any jurisdiction, it has tax-related expertise and experience in many countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel and Latin America. This competence can save a client much time and expense.

As mentioned above Mid-Ocean works with some of the top legal firms in the world (Baker Mackenzie, to name one) nd can bring their expertise to bear if, as and when appropriate

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