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Mid-Ocean Consulting- Best Financial Advisory I Bahamas 2018

MID-OCEAN Consulting Ltd. (formed in 2005) serves as financial engineer to high net-worth clients and nascent companies. It provides tailored and compliant tax-efficient solutions to solve problems of ever-increasing complexity by using trusts, companies, LLCs, foundations and private placement insurance. Recently, the company has created and managed innovative structures for crypto/blockchain developers; in effect incubators, to raise capital to develop solutions for a wide range of processes such as food distribution, sharing of solar energy between net producers and net consumers, and a fast and scalable DAG-based smart contract platform. Employees of Mid-Ocean share directly and indirectly in the company’s operations and various projects making for a financially inclusive environment. Overall the BV judging panel was impressed by the progressive management and holistic nature of Mid-Ocean’s operations; Best Financial Advisory I Bahamas 2018 duly accorded.