Mid-Ocean works with institutions (mainly private banks, trust companies and insurance companies) as well as private clients and their attorneys. The focus is on US, Mexican and Canadian planning and structuring.

Mid-Ocean bridges the gap between what most institutional trustee currently offer and — perhaps more importantly — what they don’t.

An illustration of this might be were Mid-Ocean (or related entity) acts as a Protector (a truly international/offshore one with a better working knowledge of common law trusts than — say, a relative of the Settlor) vest with some of the fiduciary duties that a corporate trustee might eschew. Going forward, Mid-Ocean provides significant added value by being an ‘active’ as opposed to ‘passive’ Protector with ongoing monitoring that keeps the trust-structure on ts intended path.

Mid-Ocean (and related entities) also acts as a director of passive and active international companies (IBCs, LDCs, LLCs etc) — something which is anathema to most corporate trustees.

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